Earned it!


Nothing comes easy. The best thing in life must be earned!

Do you agree?

There are some of us who need to try harder than some people but the reward is full and not lacking!

There are things that come freely to the world but you must earn it too.

Respect, love, loyalty, orgasm??

Maybe some jerks think they can buy with money but they are fake!!!

You caught me selfie-ing in the morning 🙂



Project Curvylicious Journal: To become better version of curvylicious


I am feeling very accomplished this two weeks. I have been eating clean and working out. I feel much stronger and alert.

During those workout, i am feeling in touch with my body and also learning to love my body. Giving thanks because i still breathe, live and kicking!

I need to remind myself that one day my 50 years old self will thank me for doing what i am doing today.

My goal is not only to be body beautiful but body positive! I see may skinny girls who have it easy. They don’t understand the struggle that many girls are facing. Plus the men in our lives may not understand the real struggle.

I am telling you it is ok because i believe the toughest battle is given to the strongest soldier. I don’t want to live a mediocre life!

Never give up!

I am preparing myself so i won’t be overweight when i go to Dr. Arthur Tjandra to sculpt my body. I want to be toned and i want to avoid loose saggy skin.


Lets conquer these mountains together!



Progress Journey: Bum & Tum


Now that i had given half a year for my breasts fat graft to heal and settle down, i discover my body is not as tone as before. I am all geared to get back my youthful tone shape. I know i am not done with my full body liposuction. I am a believer liposuction can help me sculpt the trouble spots. However, to maintain that tone youthful body, i need to make effort to eat clean and work out.

It’s been almost a month since my liposuction of jowls and neck. I have been dying to work out so i spend an hour and a half working out tonight. I am determined to get back in shape especially to tone back my bum. Unfortunately you can’t do liposuction to your buttock. My lesson learned is even muscle can turn into flab if you stop training. My mission is to slim that bum and lose more fats around the waist and stomach for the abs to show.

All the while i was doing my exercise, my heart is feeling sorry for my breasts.

“Hang in there breasts.”

“I love you with all my butt.”

I am dying to get from this ah mah buttock to that bubble butt!


I think my butt can smother to death two ah kongs. Sobs*


Stay away for my my bum!



I’m no lez! Aren’t these gorgeous or what!? No matter how big the boobs or booty on a skinny girl is still not curvilicious. Some things can’t be faked like real orgasm. Curves rocks!




Project Curvylicious Revamp: A year after tummy liposuction! Progress Photos

Think it is better to capture photos taken in the same thong and same position(except lighting). Sorry i am not professional photographer unfortunately.

I want a more define hourglass curves and i am thinking of wearing a waist trainer to make my waist smaller. Lets see if it works.

Getting more healthy conscious nowadays and reaping the benefits quite fast. Clearer glowing skin overall and flatter stomach. Fingers crossed hopefully my breasts fats won’t surrender!!!

The left photo taken on 30.11.16. The right photo taken on 08.06.17.


Will be updating more pictures here to keep track of my progress!


Jowls & Neck Liposuction: Two weeks Post Op



Hooray! I think my smile is back to normal!

The jowl is still bigger on the right side but i have always had a bigger right jaw because of disproportionate muscle mass. I had actually asked Dr. Arthur Tjandra during operation if it can be make asymmetric by liposuction. His answer was no to my disappointment. However, it can be fix by botox.


Project Curvylicious Revamp! A year after tummy liposuction!

I have been loving my bust line this year. I need to track if my bust is going to shrink with continuous exercise and healthy diet. My hip has grown rounder than usual. My lower tummy was not so flat. I am sure it was because i ate too many fast food meals this year coupled with the stress at work. It was also the environment i am in where the girls ate a mountain of rice and comfort themselves it will be fine because they move a lot at work. When they look at my plate, they always comment i ate so little. Usually i don’t constipate that much but this year it had been the worst. It was not until in Medan, i had been alerted by Doctor Arthur of these changes. He even said my arms look like drumstick because the meaty part on my upper back is bulging more. Who else to go when you need an awakening haha! I was not offended of course. I told my niece about the drumsticks and she said doctor was being mean. (Sorry on behalf of my niece if you are reading this) LOL! I understand Dr. Arthur is someone who is brutally honest! You know you can’t count on your boyfriend or husband to be brutally honest with you. You may end up killing him and commit suicide when you realise what you have done. However, you can count on Dr. Arthur Tjandra! I started to take my veggie drinks again in Medan. My stomach got so much flatter after i empty my bowels. There i was reminded again, liposuction is not the end of this curvylicious journey. Liposuction can help sculpt the most curvylivous figure for me but there is still possibility to ruin it without incorporating good diet and lifestyle. I have started wearing compression garment again too. So this is me attempting to save my figure after being slack with my lifestyle.

My hourglass shape is still well maintained. Even when i wear thong, there is no bulge on my love handles. Something i am very grateful from liposuction. I think my body is bloated most of the time even when i don’t eat much. From the back view, I can see my upper back is more meaty now. My arms are still straight and look sculpted with no butterfly wings. My bootie is definitely fuller which i don’t need fat grafting there at all but i need to remove the saddlebags.

The Verdict: Overall, i am happy with the result of my liposuction. Especially with the volume of my breasts which is why i did liposuction in the first place. I am definitely going back for whole body liposuction when time permits. I am looking forward to get rid of my upper back, thighs and calves fats and transfer them all to my boobies.