Jowls & neck: Six months post op

Wow time flies! I have my patience tested the first few months when i thought my jawlines were uneven from liposuction. I took Dr.Arthur’s advice and challenge to wear compression garments every night. Now i see the fruit of my persistence and miracle of syringe liposuction.

I have to give credit to Dr.Arthur for his good work. Dr Arthur did say i may not look so good with very V shape jawline. Thanks to him i now have defined jawline and neck without looking haggard. In fact i felt so much younger. More younger guys are hitting on me to my annoyance i am not sure it is good or bad. I have two close friends complimented me that i didn’t age at all to my delight.

I am going back for more liposuction especially my arms. As a dancer, it is crucial to have a hot body and look good on the dance floor. I don’t need extra butterfly wings on dance floor.

I want to share picture of my side profile which i never share before.



Neck & jowls 3 months post-op liposuction review

It has been 3 months and during these 3 months i have been wearing my hair up in a ponytail alot. There are 3 main reasons. First i workout alot, second the scar on my jaw has miraculously flatten out woohoo, third i am more confident of my new jawline and want to show of my neck! Thanks to Dr.Arthur Tjandra amazing traditional liposuction technique! If you do not know by now, you should google him fast because his rate is climbing faster than your stock market. ūüėõStill reasonable compare to your american or korean cosmetic surgeon or those bone shaping massage that just landed in our shore from korea. Would you trust any massage therapist who just been trained a few months to massage your jaw bone and holy cow shape it with their fingers. Hmmm..that sounds more dangerous to me.

Took progress pictures


First pic taken when i look straight into my hp camera.

Second pic taken when i look down. Don’t know why it looked slimmer when i look down. Probably due to all the neck fats were gone.17-08-31-19-09-31-611_deco

Okay! 3 more months to go before i see my final result. I am still trying to wear my compression garment every night. I pull it off middle of the night when it got stuffy.


Project Curvylicious Revamp: A year after tummy liposuction! Progress Photos

Think it is better to capture photos taken in the same thong and same position(except lighting). Sorry i am not professional photographer unfortunately.

I want a more define hourglass curves and i am thinking of wearing a waist trainer to make my waist smaller. Lets see if it works.

Getting more healthy conscious nowadays and reaping the benefits quite fast. Clearer glowing skin overall and flatter stomach. Fingers crossed hopefully my breasts fats won’t surrender!!!

The left photo taken on 30.11.16. The right photo taken on 08.06.17.


Will be updating more pictures here to keep track of my progress!


Jowls & Neck Liposuction: Two weeks Post Op



Hooray! I think my smile is back to normal!

The jowl is still bigger on the right side but i have always had a bigger right jaw because of disproportionate muscle mass. I had actually asked Dr. Arthur Tjandra during operation if it can be make asymmetric by liposuction. His answer was no to my disappointment. However, it can be fix by botox.


Auspicious beauty beyond borders: Neck/ Jowls Liposuction at Elixir De Vie Singapore

“Changing your face can thus alter your life path, for the better or worse. It‚Äôs no wonder that some ardent believers in the ancient art of face reading have been subtly enhancing their looks not just for vanity but to boost their personal happiness and fortunes. Here are some attributes of a healthy, wealthy face that you may want to emulate.”¬†(Link: Click on the passage to read article)

  1. So is liposuction subtly enhancing our looks?

“In my case, it is quite subtle. Dr. Arthur’s traditional method of syringe liposuction¬†is¬†about 15 minutes short medical procedures under local anaesthesia that does not require an overnight stay. “

2.   So why not Accusculpt laser which is the latest craze in Korea? 

“Don’t be an¬†unwitting victim of media hype that surrounds all of these high tech gadgets involved in cosmetic medicine. This scam is being committed by the manufacturers, the surgeons that invest large sums of money to obtain them, and the media that will essentially perform an infomercial disguised as a news segment. They are telling you a lie of omission when they say it is ‘minimally invasive’. What they are not telling you is that liposuction, which is part of the surgical process in every one of these devices, is also ‘minimally’ invasive. Additionally, most of them involve some form of electromagnetic or sound energy (laser, vaser, radiofrequency, ultrasound) that all produce heat, enough to contribute to heat related injury of the tissues, including skin.

The most significant problem the marketing hype has created however, is the intentional transfer of importance from surgeon to machine. Prospective patients think that good results are gotten from the latest and greatest machine, and not from the skill and experience of the surgeon. This is a travesty and is leading to a higher rate of complications and poor surgical results.”

Armed with these two conclusion¬†i went to Dr. Arthur Tjandra of Elixir De Vie to get¬†rid of some¬†baby fat (30cc) that started to form jowls and double chin when i looked down. Not only that they are asymmetrical but when i smile they look so round. When i was a kid, i was deemed the very perfect chubby baby that everybody “geram” wanted to pinch. I still look at my 3 years old baby photo and think i wish i have a daughter that is so cute hahaha! Even now as an adult, superstitious aunts will look at me and say you have very good 5 features. I think it means the eyebrow, eyes, nose, lips, chin if i am not mistaken. I was born with auspicious look i guess. The look the mother in law wants for their son to make them ultra rich hahaha! Even fortune teller calls me ‘fu puo'(prosperous lady) Unfortunately, i begin to detest my chubbiness the older i get. I realised auspicious doesn’t mean beautiful. From what i was told, the standard of beauty differs from generation to generation and from culture to culture. The Romans love their women big and beautiful with rolls. The Brazilian and Spanish love their women with small waist but big thighs and bum they can smothers their face into. Mainland chinese love skinny lean body with legs i often referred to as ‘bird leg'(chiau kah). Guess their men are too lazy to peel the thighs apart.(:P) Of all these three cultures, they do not mind their women with chubby round face.

However, if you were to compare with Korea whose K POP STAR culture has great influence in the mainstream entertainment. They 100% prefer the V shape look  and thigh gap for men and women! If i were to go to a Korean plastic surgeon today, they will definitely offer to do masseter muscle and buccal fat removal for me. That is why i was not afraid my face might be too V from liposuction alone because the damn muscle is still there. Anyway, i guess i can have it botox to look less bulging.


Of course there is risk involves no matter how small the surgery! Something i listened to Dr.Arthur with great alarm but decided to shove it aside just minutes from surgery.

There is risk to a temporary impairment or damage to some of the nerves providing muscular movement of the mouth and lips. This usually is pretty slight and other people do not notice it but the patient certainly do. If you’re willing to take that risk and deal with a temporary weakness on a corner of the mouth or lower lip for a number of weeks and possibly months they need to get better. It’s always a trade-off.

Personally i feel my smile is a bit crooked now or maybe my face is so swollen like chipmunks now that everything looks crooked in my eyes.


For five continuous days (24hoursx5), i have been strapped in icepacks with compression garment like this. This is almost like having my jaw shaved kinda torture already. Icepack is a must to make the swelling and bruising go away. My bruising was greatly kept at bay by the icepack until it started appearing yesterday when i landed at the airport. This morning both of my buccal cheeks has a bit of yellowish bruising. Compression is very important for healing! Not only it is important for swelling but to tighthen loose skin. Do stock up on Yunnan Bai Yuan and start taking three days before operation up until the swelling and bruising go away.


So deary, it is a 15 mins procedures but be ready to take a week off work so you can have your face strapped with icepacks and compression garments. Some patients i heard dare to wear they compression garments to work but maybe they are Malays and easily hide under their tudung! Maybe i should dress like Arab women for a few days. Pretend to be Ninja turtles! Haha!

I am really not in the mood for pictures but i forced myself to take some pictures for this blog. It was my fault, i did not produce any thumb drive for Dr. Arthur to save my videos for me.


Picture taken 29.05.2017


Picture taken 30.05.2017

I am very happy that the incision made by Dr. Arthur Tjandra is super micro tiny that is less than 2mm. It healed and closed up in less than 24 hours and leaves no scar! This is very important to someone like me who is very paranoid of scarring.

Now i should have more patience for the swelling to go down in a week i hope. The final result could be appreciated in six months like almost all kind of plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Stay tunes for more updates!




Maybe it is miracle, maybe it is Dr.Arthur Tjandra’s fat grafting!

Hey hey! I am feeling very optimistic. Just one of these lazy Sunday lounging at home. This time in my new Victoria’s Secret triangle bralette! Haha! Yeah i finally got one after they landed many months in our shore. Never have i imagine i would look good or feel comfortable in bralette. I was the type who was so self-conscious about my flat chest that i needed to wear a bra to sleep. How uncool is that?

Dr.Arthur Tjandra’s fat grafting has make it possible for me and many other women to have healthy body image without putting implants in our body. Not that i have anything against implants. I was considering breast implants too before i decided to give fat grafting a go. I think it is such a win win as i can get rid of extra pockets of fats and i don’t have to carry heavy silicone inside my body. I still can do strenuous exercise and go flying without worrying my implants will explode lol! I am not sure if it is true but sometimes it is some kind of stress to carry foreign items in your body.

I am excited about my third fat grafting and many more to come. I am also very excited to get rid of my double chin and jowls with liposuction. My arms are looking more natural and i am loving all the definition. I know it will be perfect when i get rid of armpits fats and upper back fats. I am already very pleased with the result.

Showing off my new unlined/unpadded/unwired bralette. Now it is possible for me to show off cleavage even lying down flat like this. No need to bend over to show cleavage lol!


Elixir de Vie has make it possible for many ladies to feel confident in their own skin!

The man behind Elixir de Vie is no other than our honourable liposuction surgeon, Dr. Arthur Tjandra.






Looking forward to 3rd session of fat grafting to breasts

I had booked my flights to Medan for my third session. As the dates got closer i have so much on my mind. A little too delirious at the prospect of beautiful body within my reach. I am also considering liposuction on my neck and jowls this round. That alone cause my heart palpitations. Perhaps even add in fat grafting to face.

Anyway, i will share some pictures of how my breasts are doing. I am sure i have retained most of the fats as they are about to burst out of this bra i got from La Senza before my ¬†second fat graft. It is a size 70C. Either that or my upper back fats had grown lol! I know i have to abandon this bra once i get my third session done. I can’t breathe in it anymore. Anyway it is so ridiculous even under a spaghetti strap my niece said she will refuse to go out with me lol! However, i am trying it on now because this bra really highlights the breasts upper pole!

I am looking forward to meet the master sculptor again to complete my armpit and upper back liposuction! I have to say even my arms had healed nicely and in amazing toned shape that i think i will put some men to embarrassment. Come on where did all the muscles came from? I had no idea ¬†it was under all the fats until Dr. Tjandra sculpt it out! I know i wasn’t working out in vain.

Plus the clinic always bring me into total state of zen that i will treat it like my spiritual retreat.


A bit of va va voom for the weekend and for once i am feeling the inner Jessica Rabbit ūüėõ

Rawr…….OK! Calm down..


Happy Lunar New Year with happy body.

I saw this cute little number what they¬†call as bralette. I gave my boobies a treat. Comfy enough to sleep in. I’m curious how i look like in bralette. Its 2 weeks to 3 months since my second fat grafting to breasts.

I don’t think i lose any grafted fats at all. My breasts feel super firm. I googled to see why and it turns out breast density is because my breasts has more glandular and fibrous tissues more than fatty tissues. I start to envy those girls whose breasts feel like water balloon. Lol! Fingers crossed i will be able to do my third session. Breasts please cooperate! I promise to treat you right! Thinking out loud.ūüôä

Ok this is how i look like with just a thin layer. Still a far cry from what i had envisioned.ūüôą

Front view. Love the cleavage already!img-20170128-wa0001-1

img-20170128-wa0003The lower right breast which Dr.Arthur painstakingly try to inject more fats to expand the area is filling up fine! I’m grateful to him!


Love the abdomen. Always stay flat now! Its 2 weeks to 3 months since the flank, love handles lipo. It didn’t bulge anymore.

Had this lingerie for awhile now. Bought it as my motivation to get my dream body. Now i’ll use it as a measure towards my dream body.



Start the lunar new year with smaller waistline and bigger natural bustline!

Make it possible with Elixir de Vie!

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Have peace of mind with the best liposuction doctor one can have! I fully recommend Dr.Arthur Tjandra!

Happy Lunar New Year 2017!